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Are you planning to invest in vacation home rental in Ishigaki? Prime Vacation can provide you everything you need for vacation rental owners.

Ishigaki has been ranked as the #1 vacation destination for scuba divers in Japan for almost 20 years. As inbound tourism started to take off in Japan, demand for tourist accommodation is rising exponentially. While the island is full of natural beauty, it is in significant shortage for quality accommodations to host the increasing number of travelers. For investors of vacation home rentals, finding a trustworthy local operator is not easy - which is no surprise in a country where English is not the second language.

Prime Vacation provides top quality vacation home rental management services in Ishigaki. Our staff are experienced in the area of financial investment as well as inbound tourism in Japan. We provide services to vacation home owners so that they can enjoy their time off without breaking sweat, while maximizing their investment return.

Our Services

Prime Vacation provides a variety of

high quality services to vacation home owners.

For Vacation Home Rental Owners

If you own a vacation home in Ishigaki and are looking to start a vacation home rental business, or currently operate a vacation home rental business in Ishigaki, our service will guarantee that your property will be operating smoothly.

For Self-Use Vacation Home Owners

If you currently own a vacation home in Ishigaki, or are looking to own one, our team can provide you with all the needed services to enjoy your home away from home.

What Makes Prime Vacation Unique

Property management with high quality service

We aim to help vacation home owners maintain the value of their properties through our quality services, with the goal being to generate a higher return for the owners.

Fully bilingual support

Our fully bilingual staff will be able to communicate directly to both the property owners and the vacation guests, without having anything lost in translation.

Garbage management

At Prime Vacation, our local staff will over see your properties waste and dispose of it accordingly to Ishigaki island’s stringent garbage separation rules. Our staff will also be in contact with the guests and assist them with any of their waste management inquiries.


Ishigaki is known for its’ unique sub-tropical climate, which requires very specific care in comparison to properties in other regions. With our service you will be guaranteed that your property will be kept in excellent shape.

Properties Under Our Management

Prime Villa Maesato Terrace

Prime Villa Maesato Beach

Prime Villa Ohama Blue Heaven

Prime Villa Ibaruma Beach House

Coral Bay 2(Rental Management)

Coral Bay 3(Villa Management)

About Us

Prime Vacation is in business of helping investing in “memory of lifetime”. Our aim is to help the vacation rental guests have the best possible experiences, while helping the owners generate investment returns and participate in making of lifetime memory.

Back in 2014, we started as a part of Prime Scuba Ishigaki, which is now the most well known diving center catering to inbound tourists in Japan.
100 Experiences in Japan (Japan National Tourism Organization - P18)

In addition to the trustworthy local members, our directors all come from the background of international investment banking, and are well versed in the world of investment as well as investor needs.

Residential Accommodation Management Registration:
July 2, 2018
No. 国土交通大臣(01))第F00806号
Number of local staff : 4


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